5 Photography Experts Advice You on Choosing Your First DSLR

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

We have already covered a bunch of DSLR cameras through our reviews, You can check for yourself the best dslr camera that we listed on our homepage. Those are the ones that got the best customer reviews and photography expert recommendation.

But we went a step further and asked 5 experts in the photography field to give their experienced thoughts and advice on choosing your first DSLR as a new and upcoming photographer. The replies I got from these awesome people are just amazing, It suggests how much they want to encourage new & upcoming talents.

The Question.

They all took time out of their busy schedule to answer my question, Thanks once again. 🙂 The question I asked them was.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to a new photographer about choosing a DSLR?

The response was overwhelming as you must have understood by now, and here are their thoughts on the topic.

The Answers.

First up would be.

1. Lara White

Lara is the proud owner of Photomint.com which is a resource treasure for Photographers, She writes about educational and business development on her blog too. Before turning into a Photographer she had spent many years working in the Non profit sector helping those in need. Which in itself is great work and makes her a wonderful person.

Her Answer.

The advice I give new photographers looking to invest in their first DSLR is this: don’t spend all your money on the best body you can afford. Get something good, but the real secret to great images is the glass. Invest in used, high quality lenses and your money will go much farther.

Thanks Lara.

2. Natalia Maks

Natalia Maks is a passionate photographer, you will realize this once you checkout her photography blog where she shares her amazing captures. She started the blog in order to share her photos with the world, every photographer has a urge deep inside them to share their fantastic captures with the world in one way or the other. Natalia followed the urge and became the owner of a beautiful blog.

Her Answer.

As for beginner I would recommend to get a second hand camera( one-full frame , another with a cropped frame), and start to invest into the best quality lenses.
Take a composition class, on technical part you have to update your self all the time.
And shot, shot, shot.
Composition is the key!!!!!!

Thanks Natalia.

3. Jasmine Star

Jasmine is a renowned Wedding Photographer. Her amazing Wedding Photography Blog speaks for itself, Checkout her portfolio to find her true talent. I was surprised to see she even managed a blog. Doing all of this plus the photography is just awesome.

Her Answer.

Unconsciously Decision Make.

What I really mean is go with your gut. I’d like to think I carefully weighed all the factors before starting my business (consciously), but actual decision making is made in primarily in an unconscious way. This doesn’t mean this is bad or faulty, there’s simply just too much to digest, too many unknowns (I had never bought a camera before…would I need video capabilities…would a crop sensor affect the type of photos I captured?). Innately, we want to make educated decisions, but it’s important to know actual reasons are hardly enough to cover reality. Do as much research as you can, then take a jump!
The best thing you can do is read a plethora of reviews, then go with your gut.  That’s been the driving force in my business and I don’t regret it.

Thanks Jasmine.

4. Udi Tirosh

Udi is a hacker. Hehe, I mean a Photography hacker who clearly knows what he is talking about. All of his work are widely shared and even published in renowned new outlets. He is based in Israel and is the chief editor of DIYPhotography – A Do It Yourself photography blog which he started in 2006 out of need to share his captures and educate fellow photographers.

His Answer.

My best advice would be to go to an actual store and try it out before buying and then preferably buy local to support your community.

Thanks Udi.

5. Alexandra Klasinski

I emailed the people at PhotoJojo hoping to get a reply for my question, I was excited when I got the reply from Alexandra – A member of the PhotoJojo family. The site has a store where they sell awesome and unique photography equipments which everyone will love to have. The blog has also got its very own forum where enthusiasts discuss their thoughts.

Her Answer.

The most important thing is getting a camera that feels right, both physically and mentally. Image-wise, they’re going to produce stellar images. All of them. You have to choose a camera that you can see yourself carrying, and you actually have to carry it. Hold it in your hand. Feel the weight. Hold it to your side and walk a little, up to your eye to shoot, and then repeat. Find a store that sells the cameras you are considering and try them out. It makes a world of difference.

Thanks Alexandra.

Now that you have heard from the experts themselves, What do you think about purchasing your first DSLR? Are you having positive thoughts and ready to grab one now? Let us know your views about the article via the comments.

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