Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Review – Cheapest Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot is the smaller sibling of the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot is all the same as the Echo sans the huge speaker. This is a review about the Amazon Echo Dot, I will guide you through this new smart assistant/smart speaker from Amazon.

Amazon Echo Dot Review

What is the Echo Dot?

A puck shaped Smart Speaker.

In plain words, Amazon Echo Dot/Echo is a smart speaker/assistant that will sit in your room and respond to your commands. It uses Amazon’s powerful virtual assistant Alexa.

You just have to say the ‘wake word’ + command and Echo will answer your queries. Example: “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” and you will be given an answer via the speaker.

What is the difference between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot?


Amazon Echo = Alexa + Powerful Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot = Alexa + Small Speaker + Options to add extra Speaker

Eveything else is the same. So basically if you have a home theater setup at your home, just plug in the Echo Dot and you are all set. It would be even more powerful than Amazon Echo.

Echo Dot houses the same powerful Alexa virtual assistant as in Echo, which is giving a very tough competition to Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

How does Echo Dot work?

Place an Echo Dot in your room and connect it to a speaker (for better sound) and from any where in the room, speak the wake word (“Alexa“) and it will respond to you instantly. It can listen to the wake word even if there is music playing in the room.

What more? If you have multiple dots in your room, it will respond intelligently based on which dot is closest to your voice. Dot uses ESP (Echo Spatial Perception) for this.

Amazon Echo Dot Features and Price

The Echo Dot features dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5GHz) and Bluetooth network connectivity, a small speaker for voice feedback from Alexa and seven powerful microphones with beam technology and noise cancellation.

This enables Echo Dot to hear precisely from any part of the room.

Unlike the older Echo Dot, the 2nd generation echo dot features volume button instead of sliders. And a Mute button which stops Alexa from recording anything.



When you speak the wake word, the top of the dot glows blue but when its mute, it glows red.

As with all the features Dot features, there is always the worry that Alexa maybe recording something that you don’t want. To fix that, use the accompanying App on your smartphone to see exactly what Alexa remembers about you and also selectively erase stuff or make it completely forget about you.

Echo Dot could be your option for a cheap Smart Home. Since it has exceptional voice recognition, you can use Dot to do over 3000+ Alexa skills/services like turning on Lights, playing Music from Spotify or setting timers and much more.

New devices can be connected via Bluetooth, USB or the 3.5mm Jack.

Since Amazon has opened up its Alexa App Store to the public, there have been tremendous amount of thirdparty integration such as:

Dominoes – “Alexa, open Dominoes and ask for my Easy Order

Uber – “Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride

and many more..

And how much does the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation cost? Just $50 – around half the price of the original Echo Dot.

What is the Box?

The Echo Dot comes with the following:

  1. Echo Dot.
  2. Power Adapter (9W).
  3. USB charging cable.
  4. Quick start guide.

You would have to purchase your own 3.5mm cable to connect to your speaker since its not included in the box.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a cheaper start to your smart home set up, Go for the Amazon Echo. It has everything and is ever evolving.

The 2nd generation Echo Dot comes in 2 color variants, Black and White.

I would suggest you go for Amazon Echo Dot in case you already have a fairly good setup of Speakers else you can go for the Amazon Echo by paying around $120 (cheaper than buying a new set of Speakers in some case).

Where to buy Amazon Echo Dot?

You can place your order for Amazon Echo Dot from Amazon themselves (obviously). Just click the buy now button to order one now.