How to Choose the Right Shutter Speed on your DSLR

Choosing the right shutter speed when capturing moving objects determines the quality of the photograph. If you set the Shutter speed too low for a fast moving subject, it will come out draggy and blurry.

Do you know about Panning? I am sure you have already seen it in action. Remember the beautiful photos where the subject is in focus and the whole world behind them is a bit blurred? This is where panning comes to action. In short, Panning lets you add motion blur to your photo while keeping the subject in focus.

ISO is another important factor, to access lower shutter speeds – you need to set lower ISO (usually 100 on most DSLRs). For a faster shutter speed – set a higher ISO (such as 400 or above).

Here is an inforgraphic that will explain to you in short how to set the correct shutter speed when capturing photos.

How to choose the right Shutter Speed

How to choose the right Shutter Speed


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