Mistakes to Avoid as A Beginner Photographer

Today we’re going to talk about common mistakes to avoid as a beginner photographer. Photography is always a learning process, you got to constantly be trained to improve your work to make it better. If you’re reading this you are already on the right track.

From the beginning of my photography I’ve been constantly educating myself about how to improve. There was learning more about using my camera and learning how to improve pictures with programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. These are the toolkits in a Photographer’s arsenal.

Looking over some of my old work and comparing it with my recent stuff really makes me realize just how far I’ve come and I’m sure if you’ve been in photography for a while you’ll notice the same thing.

So I want to share with you a few biggest mistakes I made as a beginner. So you can avoid making them and also share the most important things I learned along the way that improved my photography by leaps and bounds.

When I was just starting out I used to get going in a photo session and forget to change my exposure when the Sun came out from behind cloud or when we went into a shadier area. You might relate to what am talking about, you must have experienced the same some time or the other.

You think you’re getting an awesome shot and then you’ll realize there goes the last 20 images. When you get home you end up losing a good portion of pictures to under/over exposure and sometimes you try to save them because you think they’re good and it doesn’t really work.


These are some things you can do to avoid these mistakes.

1. It took a lot of reminding myself to make a mental note every time the lighting changed so I could change the exposure with it. Regularly check your images after you take them to see if you need to make a change.

2. The next thing you can do is slow down. A lot of beginning photographers don’t really know how to pose people so they spend more time snapping pictures and hoping they’ll get some good ones. From the session take the time to frame your image so that it looks good and also tell your subject to do something unique.

3. Learn posing tricks from as many sources as you can and check out other photographers work to get some ideas. Often you’ll have subjects who have no idea, you should educate them and make them aware of the situation.

4. Finally the most important improvement you ever made is to start shooting your images in raw form. Learning a whole new form and having to figure out the whole raw editing process sounds totally overwhelming but I can honestly tell you that this was the number one change to improve my wedding photography and yes I was dragging my feet about switching over but the difference is completely amazing.

There are really amazing simple things you can do to improve your portrait sessions.


1. Pay attention to changes in lighting and adjust to them. Always check your images after you shoot.

2. Slowdown and frame your subject properly.

3. Learn how to pose your subjects.

4. Take the jump and learn to shoot in Raw.

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